Who is Kevin?

Who is Kevin?


I’ve been involved in playing sports since the age of 9 years old, playing football for various teams and running cross-country for Wiltshire – at county level.


Sport and exercise has always been a big passion, it has become a massive influence in my life throughout childhood and also as an adult, this is largely through participating and coaching a variety of sports.



I have great motivation, enthusiasm and desire to have carried all of this on through my adult life, most recently running London marathon 2019 – for a Children with Cancer UK charity.


This was my sixth marathon in 6 years along with many other half marathons as part of my training programmes.



I have been involved in coaching as a volunteer at weekends managing adult and children`s football teams for the last 13 years – at various clubs and at various levels meeting some interesting and fantastic people along the way.


As I’ve become more knowledgeable through my sporting journey I’ve realised how important nutrition, strengthening & conditioning – rest and recovery is within various sports and I’ve chosen a new career path to follow my dreams and to start my own business.


I aim to help people achieve there long term goals and objectives through various sports that I can relate to as a personal trainer, my own training up to “Level 5 Soft tissue massage”, sports therapist, one on one football coach.



The focus of the trainings will be purely on the client and my time will be totally dedicated to your needs whether you’re a beginner that wants to gain general fitness, run a mile, improve strength, or lose body fat.


Or if you are an experienced athlete and sports person that requires that bit of extra training for a big event or pre-season fitness or rehabilitation; I will tailor a programme to suit your needs.



I’m a people’s person and I love meeting new people I have a positive outlook on the task that is hand.


The human body is capable of so much and you can achieve anything through hard work time and patience but above all, we meet new friends doing something that we all enjoy – and that’s keeping fit and becoming more healthy.

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